9 Beautiful Regions in England (Maps + Where to Go)

There are nine regions in England, all with their own quirks, accents, traditions and landmarks. As you can see from our site menu above, it’s the best way of dividing the nation so you can plan your trip.

The easiest way to plan your days out in England is by dividing the country up into the different England regions. From there, you can decide where you want to spend your time, maybe taking in a few English counties at a time. These different areas in England all deserve at least a few days out in your lifetime – it’s up to you to find your favourite.

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If you’re from the USA think of England’s regions as the states of England, and if you’re from Canada, they’re the England provinces.

England’s regions are unique, wonderful, and all deserve a few days out. Read on to find out the best region in England for you to spend your time.

What are the 9 regions of England?

Below you can see all the 9 regions of England.

  1. East of England
  2. East Midlands
  3. Greater London
  4. North East England
  5. North West England
  6. South East England
  7. South West England
  8. West Midlands
  9. Yorkshire and the Humber
England regions

Map of England’s regions

This map of regions in England will help you to visualise the 9 areas of our beautiful country. Whether you’re international and prefer to think of them as provinces in England, states in England, or you can just think of them as they are, as England’s regions, this is how we’ve divided up the country.

1. East of England region

Thr ruins of the Brograve Windmill on the Norfolk Broads at Sea Palling

The East of England is known for being one of the flattest regions of England, great for cyclists and walkers who don’t want too much of a challenge!

Counties in the East of England: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Visit the East of England, and you can enjoy the waterways that are so familiar in this area. The Norfolk Broads, the Suffolk Broads and the rivers passing through offer lots of opportunity to explore.

Best days out in East England include:

  • Walking on the North Norfolk Coast Path, Norfolk.
  • Punting on the River Cam, Cambridgeshire.
  • A visit to Mersea Island, Essex.

Counties in the East of England region


Home to Whipsnade Zoo and close to London.


Home to one of England’s top universities.


Coastal county with a unique personality.


Expect lush stately homes, 20 mins from London.


Beautiful part of England, popular for holidays.


Find underrated beaches in sunny Suffolk!

2. East Midlands region

Sunset from Stanage Edge, in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, England, UK.

Enjoy the beautiful dales and hills in the East Midlands. Visit and you’ll see the cute market towns, busy cities, and national forests too.

Counties in the East Midlands: Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

Visit the East Midlands region of England, and you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces in this area. There are many towns to explore, but if you really want to get stuck into the high street shops here, then go to Leicester, Derby and Nottingham for your fix.

Best days out in the East Midlands include:

  • Beaches in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Lincolnshire.
  • Cycling in the Peak District, Derbyshire.
  • A day out in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Counties in the East Midlands region


There’s some stunning coastline in Lincolnshire.


Elizabethan mansions and gorgeous green space.


Home to the Derbyshire Dales and Peak District.


Home to the legend that is Robin Hood!


Eat your way round this beautiful county!


Rutland Water is the place to be here – hire a boat!

3. Greater London region

london pub quiz questions

Our capital city London is in the most popular region in England, Greater London. Visit the centre to enjoy the City of London, aka The Square Mile.

Counties in Greater London: Greater London and City of London.

The most visited region of England, Greater London is where most tourists head, whether internationally or from England. Visit London for a day trip and you can see some of the top London sports sites, enjoy a royal day out in London, or visit the many famous London streets. Head to the centre, the City of London, to see some incredible landmarks.

Best days out in Greater London and the City of London include:

  • A day out at St Paul’s Cathedral for a special event.
  • A day exploring the many London landmarks.
  • Travelling by underground to explore the popular London neighbourhoods.

Counties in the Greater London region

Greater London

There’s lots to see in the 32 boroughs of London!

City of London

The financial centre of London, aka The Square Mile.

4. North East England region

day out in northumberland

The beaches in the North East of England are some of the best in the country. And you must visit the castles while you’re exploring this beautiful region in England.

Counties in North East England: Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham.

North East England is one of the most characterful regions of England. The accents here are wonderful, there’s a culture of their own, and there are some beautiful places to see along the coast and the river.

Best days out in North East England include:

  • Walking a section of Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland.
  • Explore the Farne Islands, Northumberland.
  • Beamish Museum, County Durham

Counties in the North East England region


The islands and castles are the star attraction here.

Tyne & Wear

Lots to do in such a small county, on the River Tyne.

County Durham

Visit for the cathedral, look out for Barnard Castle.

5. North West England region

Water way canal area in Manchester ,North west England

The North West region of England is home to some great cities – Liverpool and Manchester make for two great days out. And Chester Zoo is a must up here!

Counties in North West England: Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Visit North West England, and you can enjoy the stunning topography of this area. With the Northern Pennines, the Lake District and the Forest of Bowland, North West England is a great place for lovers of the outdoors. The cities are pretty sweet too!

Best days out in North West England include:

  • A day driving and walking round the villages in the Lake District.
  • A day at Chester Zoo – one of the best zoos in England.
  • A music themed trip to Manchester or Liverpool.

Counties in the North West England region


Cheshire Zoo and Chester are the go-to days out!


What lies beyond the Lake District, hey?

Greater Manchester

More than just Manchester, loads to see here.


You need to have a hot pot while you’re here!


Liverpool is the star attraction in Merseyside!

6. South East England region

beaches in the south of england

South East England is one of the biggest regions of England, and is home to some stunning coastline. There’s a rich literary history here, and some great places to see on a day out.

Counties in South East England: Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

Some would say this was the best of the regions of England (our editor, Vicky, lives in Hampshire). There’s definitely a lot to do and see down here. From the rolling hills of the South Downs, to the south coast beaches, it’s a great region in England for anyone who loves the outdoors. Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle all loved it here, and so do we. Hampshire is home to some of the most beautiful areas in England.

Best days out in South East England include:

  • A day on the beach at West Witterings.
  • Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.
  • The giraffe experience at Port Lympne Reserve in Kent.

Counties in the South East England region


Beautiful market towns and stunning hills.

East Sussex

Rye and Hastings – what more do you need?


Home to literary heroes and a rich maritime history.


Have you SEEN the Kent coast?!


There’s more than the University to see here.


Not far from London, Surrey is a green oasis.

West Sussex

Make sure to visit West Wittering!

7. South West England region

Cornwall facts

The beaches in the South West region of England need to be seen to be believed. It’s beautiful down here, but gets pretty busy in the summer!

Counties in South West England: Bristol, Cornwall (Isles of Scilly), Dorset, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

This is one of the most popular areas in England for Brits to go on holiday. The beaches, walking trails and amount of things to do in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall are just incredible. While the historical sites of Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire ensure they’re ever popular.

Best days out in South West England include:

Counties in the South East England region


Probably the coolest city in England!


It’s the most popular holiday spot for a reason!


Beaches, cute villages and harbours, all you need.


Nothing an beat the Devon landscape.


Explore the beautiful Forest of Dean.


Cheddar Gorge, Glasto, Minehead – it’s all here!


Visit for Stonehenge, stay for beautiful Wiltshire!

8. West Midlands region

Regions in England

Home to our capital city, Greater London is the most popular region in England. Visit the centre to enjoy the City of London too.

Counties in the West Midlands: Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire.

England’s regions

Visit the East of England, and you can enjoy the waterways that are so familiar in this area. The Norfolk Broads, the Suffolk Broads and the rivers passing through offer lots of opportunity to explore.

Best days out in East England include:

  • Walking on the North Norfolk Coast Path.
  • Punting on the River Cam.
  • A visit to Mersea Island.

Counties in the West Midlands region


Alton Towers is the jewel in the crown here.


Warwick Castle is unforgettable!


There’s more to Shropshire than the Iron Bridge!


Castles and cathedrals aplenty!


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9. Yorkshire and the Humber region

facts about yorkshire

Beautiful Yorkshire – famous for its puddings, the straight talking people, and the stunning countryside. There’s a lot to see in the different counties of Yorkshire – give yourself a good amount of time to explore!

Counties in Yorkshire and the Humber: West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

This is one of the most popular areas in England for outdoorsy types to wander, thanks to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District. There are also some great beaches in the North of Yorkshire, and along the east coast too. As well as being a haven for nature there are some pretty towns and villages, and some great cities to visit too. Yorkshire has it all!

Best days out in Yorkshire and the Humber include:

  • Visit Whitby for the best fish and chips you’ll ever have.
  • Spend your day in the Peak District and your evening in Sheffield!
  • Visit the beaches in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Counties in the Yorkshire and Humber region

West Yorkshire

Great for stately homes!

South Yorkshire

Sheffield AND the Peak District? Amazing!

East Riding of Yorkshire

You need to visit Beverley and Bridlington!

North Yorkshire

Whitby is the jewel, but there’s much more to see.


Oh you’re going to love the beaches here…

Marina Chichester

Questions about the regions in England

Here are some of the most popular questions about the different areas of England, and the answers. If you have any questions about England’s regions, let us know below. And if you want to know more about living in England, check out this post.

Does England have states?

England doesn’t have ‘states’, but we do have regions, which are kind of like states. ‘States’ in England would actually be better compared to our counties. You can see all the counties of England here.

The number of ‘states’ in England – 9.

What are the England provinces?

If you’re from Canada you can think of the regions as England’s provinces. The full list of England’s ‘provinces’ is above. We don’t call them ‘provinces’ in England, but we know what you mean.

What region is London in?

London is in Greater London, at the centre of it.

Regions in England

We hope this article has introduced you to the many fabulous areas of England – our unique and brilliant England regions. You may think of them as provinces in England, or states in England, but either way they’re England’s regions and we’re proud of them!


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