17 Exciting Days Out in Lancashire for 2023

If you’re looking for the best days out in Lancashire, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many Lancashire day trips you can enjoy around the county – let’s have a look at some of the classic favourites.

Lancashire day out

The most popular things to do in Lancashire on a day trip include beaches, wildlife interactions, serene parks, splendid historical monuments, modern swimming pools and water parks

We can guarantee you won’t be bored in Lancashire’s county borders!

17 Best Days Out in Lancashire

days out in lancashire

– Looking for ideas for days out in Lancashire? Read on!

1. Cycling in Lancashire

Lancashire’s amazing attractions and stunning landscapes are just asking to be explored by bike.

There are miles of roads with very little or no traffic – perfect for cycling. You can join a cycling tour company for the guided route that is marked by the National Cycling Network, rent out a bicycle to select your own route or just take your own. 

Cycling events are organised at Colne Grand Prix and Chorley Grand Prix, which make for a great day out in Lancashire for cycling enthusiasts.  

2. Get lost in the forest

The Forest of Bowland in Lancashire is the epitome of natural beauty. It’s one of the unique and most iconic things to do in the Lancashire countryside.

Bowland Forest in Lancashire

The green woods, moorland, villages and farms make the entire place a wonder to explore – and one of the greenest options for days out in Lancashire. You can skip the crowds and noise of the towns and cities to enjoy a relaxing, pleasant break in this picturesque area.

You can expect to see many rare birds and animal species here – bring your camera!

3. See historical sites of Chorley

Chorley was one of the most famous cotton towns of Lancashire with crowds of chimneys as a part of its skyline. During the industrial revolution, this town faced a quick growth and became a popular market. The market still happens on Tuesdays and you can buy some delicious home baked items from stalls. 

Don’t miss Astley Hall – it dates back to the 17th century and you can sit in its beautiful walled garden to catch some fresh air. It’s one of the most peaceful Lancashire days out on the list.

Rivington Pike is another important attraction in Chorley, the sandstone peak is 363 metres high. Climb to the top and you can enjoy a fascinating view of the Moorland and Rivington Reservoir.

Where can I go for a day out in Lancashire?

In short: the Forest of Bowland, Lancaster, Blackpool or Burnley.

For the long answer: keep reading!

4. Relax in Lune Valley 

The Lune Valley begins just a few minutes’ drive from Lancaster and borders the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Yorkshire Dales.

Artists and writers love it here and it features in the works of Wordsworth and Turner et al. 

Walk, cycle or just admire the Lune Valley on your day out in Lancashire, it’s one of the county’s top attractions. 

The beer garden at The Station Hotel is a good one, or if it’s winter then the log fire inside is probably a better shout. Here you can enjoy a good menu, indicative of the quality pub grub we used to have before the hipsters took over. 

5. Veggies in Poulton

Poulton-le-Fylde provides the perfect rural setting with a market and conservation area. This area is untouched by the industrial revolution and coal fields; hence it has its natural agricultural setting.

Poulton, as the town is more commonly known, has a weekly market on every Monday selling fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are grown in the countryside by the locals so they are organic. Treat yourself with some freshness straight from the farms!

Definitely one of the more ‘wholesome’ days out in Lancashire!

6. Explore historic Lancaster

Lancaster is a cluster of historical monuments associated with the British throne, dating back to the 17th century.

Day out in Lancashire
Lancaster Castle’s history is unclear, but may have been founded in the 11th century on the site of a Roman fort overlooking a crossing of the River Lune. It is now used as a prison.

Lancaster is a cool city, with the stunning Lancaster Castle and all the Georgian houses near the bank of Lune River to enjoy. Visiting Lancaster is one of the most popular days out in Lancashire, and you  need to make sure to save time to visit the Lancashire City Museum if you really want to make the most of your day out.

The Ashton Memorial and Lancaster Canal are also popular days out in Lancaster. Read our city guide to Lancaster to find out exactly what you should do hour by hour.

7. Go to Blackpool!

The legend of Blackpool is alive in England – you either love it or hate it! 

Blackpool is an awesome coastal town and one of the most popular seaside resorts in the country. 

day out in Lancashire

Blackpool has been one of the most popular things to do in Lancashire since the eighteenth century, and it remains a very popular local holiday destination for Brits.

The 140-metre-high victorious ballroom observation deck was inspired by the Eiffel Tower – well worth a little trip up there. Blackpool also has an amusement park on the beach and a lights festival during autumn to add extra spark of entertainment for visitors. You can also go up the Blackpool Tower for a fun experience in Lancashire.

In the winter the Blackpool Illuminations make for a legendary day out in Lancashire!

If you have the time on your day out in Blackpool, then take a little trip out to Lytham St Annes. Golf lovers will be happy here, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with theatre shows, marshes, sand dunes, the natural habitat of migratory birds, and a beach. 

Blackpool is undoubtedly one of the most popular days out in Lancashire. I vote you leave the kids with someone and enjoy a proper adults day out in this iconic town. Visiting Blackpool Illuminations is one of the best things to can do for Christmas in Lancashire.

8. Visit Coral Island in Blackpool

While you’re there, visit Coral Island for the largest FREE entry family attraction in Blackpool. At this amusement park kids eat free all day, every day, so it’s a great way to save money too. You can choose from restaurants including Pub Grub at the Buccaneer Bar, snacks at Peggy’s Cafe as well as traditional fish and chips from The Big Fish Trading Co and The Traditional Chippy. You’ll get one free under 10 kids’ meal with every adult’s meal you buy – and even better there’s no limit!

Once you’re done eating there are ghost trains to ride, planks to walk and 2p machines to push. There’s also arcade games, virtual bowling and adult gaming too. It’s all weather family fun!

Fun fact for you: over 500,000 key-rings are won every year at Coral Island Blackpool!

9. Get to know Burnley

Burnley is a popular textile town from the 19th and 20th Century. It’s now an important landmark of the industrial times of Lancashire.

Things to do Lancashire

Visiting the town is among the important things to do in Lancashire for the traditional life explorers and history lovers. There are a few little shops, Towneley Art Gallery and Museum and the National Trust – Gawthorpe Hall to explore.

The museum has a variety of traditional furniture and painting collections on display, while Gawthorpe Hall is a stunning National Trust Elizabethan Mansion.

10. Ribble Valley and the Whalley Arches

The splendid Whalley Viaduct is located near the banks of River Calder. This is a huge railway bridge that was built in eighteenth century – local people call them the Whalley Arches.

Spend a day out in Lancashire here and you can enjoy the 13th century ruins of Whalley Abbey, the Cistercian Monastery that was divided in the 16th century.

You can explore the scenic Ribble Valley by hiking in the pasture and woodland to look over the village. Visiting Ribble Valley is definitely one of the best things to do in Lancashire. Probably one of the best things on the list for adventurous travellers to do.

11. Discover the rich history of Preston

Preston was the initial home to the cotton mills and industry during the 18th century. The north bank of the Ribble River had a gothic church of St. Walburge, which was the most popular landmark and identity of Preston. There is a classical Harris Museum and Art Gallery with a huge collection of famous paintings, antiques and archeological gems.

The covered market hall in the town of Preston, Lancashire.

Different exhibitions, theatre and performing art shows are organised here for us to enjoy.

12. Fly kites at Morecambe

The sea side town has a huge variety of entertaining things to do like exploring sandy beaches, flying kites, eating at restaurants, ice cream parlors and many more.

Lancashire day out

The famous Midland Hotel is a prominent landmark of Morecambe that was constructed in 1933. Being a part of the history, it has strong cultural connections. This building is a master piece of art deco with a statue of Eric Morecambe, a British performer.

The most interesting activity on the beach side is kite flying in the beach winds. There are many stalls and shops where you can buy kites.

13. Visit the tall hills near Darwen

Darwen is the perfect attraction for day out in Lancashire. There are amazing bike trails, footpaths and moors. You can plan a cycling trip to explore the nearby areas and climb the hills. The landscape is barren and windswept but amazingly appealing.

Spend time in the Victoria market hall to buy local things at the stalls.

14. Visit Multicultural Blackburn

The multicultural large town of Blackburn has a lot to offer to the visitors. It was known for the cotton industry of the industrial revolution in eighteenth century. It was initially settled in 13th century by the Flemish migrants. You can find the cultural roots and history in the Blackburn Art gallery and museum.

There’s a huge variety of traditional and heritage displays, Japanese print collections Egyptology collections, medieval manuscripts, paintings, crafts and many more.

Blackburn is also famous for their Blackburn Rovers footie team – they won the 1995 Premier League.

Add to your day out in Blackburn with the impressive Blackburn Cathedral, Hoghton Tower and the Park too.

15. Observe the Bee Hives in Samlesbury Hall

The Medieval Manor is a romantic and beautiful place to visit during the week. Tour guides tell multiple stories of witches and ghosts, apparently the reason why so many residents have left the building.

fun things to do lancashire

The 14th Century Great Hall has a long gallery and dining hall from with wood panelling and painted ceilings. Check out the Mayflower Playground, built during 16th Century by the Mayflower pilgrims.

The menagerie has a place for goats, rabbits, sheep, pigs and hens. This is a great family day out in Lancashire for all the family, especially if you love animals.

Another distinct feature of Samlesbury Hall is the bee centre open for the public on Wednesdays and Sundays. Enjoy the hives, and learn about the many ways honeybees shape our country side. You can see how the way bees collect nectar and work on it whereas the beekeepers are available to answer questions related to them.

This is a great attraction for a day out in Blackburn, and one of the buzziest Lancashire attractions!

16. Visit Maggie’s secret garden and fishing pond

The village of Bispham has a beautiful Crook Hall Farm surrounded by the country side. There are three fishing ponds with traditional methods to manage the ponds. Maggie’s Pond is in the secret garden located just a short walk from the cottages. It’s an extremely peaceful, well sheltered and comfortable fishing spot. If you’re looking for relaxing days out in Lancashire for adults, this is a great shout.

The pond has a variety of fish like Chub, Tench, Barbel, Roach, Rudd, Perch and common Carp, Grass carp and mirror carp. The other two ponds – Joe’s and Nora’s Pond – are a little further along among the trees and hedges with a variety of fish.

Stay in one of the cottages here to enjoy the impressive sunrise and sunset.

17. Enjoy the tranquility of animal farm

The Windmill Animal Farm is your chance to touch and feed the animals. Here they’re raised in a natural way so you can observe the everyday routine of a typical animal farm, and even get involved with the bottle feeding. You can see some of England’s amazing animals here, and touch them too.

day trips in lancashire

This amazing place has three play areas for children, an indoor play barn, outdoor play area and a play area near the lake too. A great Lancashire attraction for the kids!

The farm also has its own miniature train.

With a coffee shop and picnic area, the Windmill Farm is a great day out in Lancashire for all the family. Book your tickets in advance to save the hassle!

days out in Lancashire

Quicklist: Best days out in Lancashire

  • 1. Cycling in Lancashire
  • 2. Get lost in the forest
  • 3. See historical sites of Chorley
  • 4. Relax in Lune Valley 
  • 5. Veggies in Poulton
  • 6. Explore historic Lancaster
  • 7. Go to Blackpool!
  • 8. Visit Coral Island in Blackpool
  • 9. Get to know Burnley
  • 10. Ribble Valley and the Whalley Arches
  • 11. Discover the rich history of Preston
  • 12. Fly kites at Morecambe
  • 13. Visit the tall hills near Darwen
  • 14. Visit Multicultural Blackburn
  • 15. Observe the Bee Hives in Samlesbury Hall
  • 16. Visit Maggie’s secret garden and fishing pond
  • 17. Enjoy the tranquility of animal farm

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