5 Apps to Help with Day Trips in the UK

Although we often go for walks to escape technology, they can also play a part in improving the quality of our day trips. There are many international apps available, such as the navigation app Wikiloc, which is often used on the Camino de Santiago trails from Sarria

However, the UK also boasts its own unique software. These apps cater specifically to the UK’s rich history and trails, but also its diverse wildlife. With that in mind, here are five apps to consider.

1. New Forest Walks App 

The New Forest Walks App is the perfect tool for exploring the beautiful New Forest area, which lies between Bournemouth and Southampton. The app provides detailed trail maps, points of interest, as well as guided walk options. 

Users can easily navigate through the forest and discover less trodden trails, all whilst learning about the local flora and fauna. The app also offers information on nearby amenities, such as pubs and cafes, making it easy to plan a full day out. While larger apps like AllTrails are more powerful and a cleaner experience, often the local-specific apps can provide more knowledge and tips that go beyond the main trails.

2. Merlin App 

The Merlin Bird ID App, while not specifically British, is the best tool for bird identification. Users can identify birds via photos and by answering a series of questions about the bird’s appearance, habitat and behaviour, or simply by using the microphone to its singing.  

The app also includes a library of bird calls and songs, making it easier to identify birds by ear. Compared to eBird (the industry standard), Merlin Bird ID focuses more on identification and learning, making it good for beginners and casual users who encounter interesting birds on their UK trails. Plus, it works when travelling abroad too.

3. RSPB Mobile App 

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) app is perfect for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. The app provides location-based information on local wildlife, helping users identify animals and learn about their habitats. It also offers a comprehensive guide to RSPB nature reserves, complete with maps and visitor information. 

Users can log their sightings and contribute to conservation efforts by sharing their data with the RSPB. This can be a way for people to not only enjoy British nature, but contribute to its conservation.

4. National Trust App 

The National Trust App is essential for anyone planning to visit the organisation’s properties and landscapes. The app provides detailed guides to each site, including information on opening times and ticket booking. 

Users can explore the significance of each property, reading up about its history, as well as learn about the National Trust’s conservation efforts. The app offers personalised recommendations based on your interests and location, too.

5. OS Maps App 

The OS Maps App, developed by Ordnance Survey, is arguably the most comprehensive tool for hikers. The app provides access to detailed maps of the UK, including terrain information and points of interest. Many pathways that never appear on Google Maps will show up on OS.

Users can plan routes and download offline maps, helping keep you safe. You can track progress using GPS, but also use it to scan for places to set up camp too.

Day trips in the UK

These five apps offer a broad range of information and tools to make your day trips in the UK run more smoothly. They can be a way to keep you and the nature around you safe, as well as find the lesser-known historical sites.


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