9 Specialist Adventurous Bloggers in England to Follow in 2023

Want to see what some of the most adventurous bloggers in England have been getting up to these last few months?

Well, I’ve put together a list of the adventure bloggers I’ve most enjoyed following this summer, as they’ve adapted and kept their travels to exploring England only. The world shutdown may have limited our horizons of where we can go for an adventure, but it didn’t have to crush our spirit for the last few months.

Between them these adventurous bloggers have shown me new parts of England I didn’t know existed, and inspired me to want to see more, from a saddle, a paddle board or just on foot.

If we’ve missed off your favourite adventurous blogger, then let us know in the comments below.

1. Emma’s Happy Little World

I love Emma’s look, vibe and sense of adventure. She’s done some seriously cool, yet achievable (for me) stuff round England. Based in Cheshire, she covers swimming, cycling and camping – all the greatest adventures IMHO.


EmmasHappyLittleWorld is all about celebrating the small joys in life, and doing more of what makes you happy.

Check out her interview series with other ‘wild adventure women’ around England for some more great inspiration.

– Follow Emma on Instagram

2. Almost Definitely Outside

AlmostDefinitelyOutside.com celebrates the endless microadventure possibilities in England. There’s loads of advice on outdoor gear and reviews, and camping around England too.


Using the #GetOutside Sanders just wants to help her readers to explore more, and make the most of beautiful England, year round.

– Follow AlmostDefinitelyOutside on Instagram

3. Seize Your Adventure

SeizeYourAdventure.com is more of a podcast than a blog, with loads of tips and advice for starting your adventure. Aimed at adventurous souls with epilepsy, but inspirational for all it’s a great listen while you’re on your daily walk.

That’s when I’ve listened to it anyway!

“Seize Your Adventure is like the multi-tool in your backpack: a great adventure podcast that is also an epilepsy podcast, run by female adventurers and telling diverse stories. And you wonder how you lived so long without it!”


– Follow Syadventures on Instagram –

4. The Wild Native

Hannah is better known as The Wild Native on YouTube. She’s explored the world over the last few years, but her YouTube channel is all about the British Isles.

Watch as she explores some of the best adventures you can get up to in England. She’s in search of “all the vibrant and quirky experiences that I can find, the beautiful walks, stunning scenery, EVERYTHING.”

Follow as she swims, cycles and hikes around England.

5. Splodz Blogz

For some top inspiration on where to hike in England, and what to take with you when you do, check out Splodz Blogz. Zoe, or Splodz as she’s known online, is a #GetOutside champion and is on a mission to persuade people to go for #OneHourOutside every day.


Her adventures are amazing – both in England and around the world. And you can tell she’s a real adventurer – her latest pictures of abseiling are incredible!

– Follow Splodz on Instagram

6. The Girl Outdoors

Sian Lewis is used to picking up the the number one adventurous blogger spot in England. Her blog The Girl Outdoors covers all kinds of adventures around the UK and beyond. Her adventures are some of my absolute favourite to follow on Instagram as she always just looks like she’s having the best time.


She’s a regular writer for magazines on adventure travel, and has her own book out too – The Girl Outdoors. Check out her blog for articles and tried and tested advice on camping, surfing, skiing, climbing and kit reviews.

– Follow Sian Anna Lewis on Instagram –

7. Anna Blackwell

Anna Blackwell is seriously adventurous. Her level of adventure is a little above my league, but always fun to see what other adventurous bloggers get up to!


I mean, last year she trekked across Northern Scandianavia and the Arctic. SOLO.

She’s a writer, photographer and speaker, and based in Cornwall. Check out her Instagram to keep up with her adventures.

8. Adventure Mummy

Carly’s travel, lifestyle and hiking blog at AdventureMummy.com covers some of the best walking routes around the UK and days out with the kids. Check out her blog for adventure inspiration – her last few photos on Instagram are pretty special too.


– Follow Carly Sheffield on Instagram –

9. Natasha Atlas

Oh I love Natasha – she’s an absolute ball of energy. NatashaAtlas.com was set up to help anxiety sufferers travel more and feel more confident with it. There’s all kinds of world adventures on her blog, but also, lots around England too.


You don’t have to go on a huge adventure around the world to test your nerves, if exploring England gives you the heeby jeebies, then check out Natasha’s blog for some confidence and coping mechanisms.

– Follow Natasha Atlas on Instagram


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