Day Out in England began in January 2020, borne from a desire from our founder, Victoria Philpott, to see more of her homeland.

Better known online as ‘VickyFlipFlop’ she’s the owner of one of the UK’s top travel blogs at After almost ten years of intense travel around the world, she wanted to create a site to help visitors and locals explore the delights of England.

day out in portsmouth

I grew up in a village in the Midlands with one set of grandparents on a farm in Yorkshire, and the other in London. I didn’t realise how lucky I was with this set up!

With holidays in Cornwall and Devon, family friends in Brighton, and relatives in Sheffield I got to see quite a bit of England growing up. Then I went to university in Sheffield, to journalism college in Essex, had my first graduate job in Manchester and then spent seven years in London.

Now, I live in Portsmouth, and love to get out and see the country on a road trip, a weekend, or a day out.

Recently I’ve been travelling around my home country a lot more and really, really enjoying it. I wanted to create a site for adults to find the best days out in England, and to help us all appreciate it a little more.”

And so, Day Out in England began…

We’re here to show you the best of England. If you have a particular interest – UNESCO World Heritage Sites or Harry Potter film locations for example – then you can search by ‘theme’.

If your day out is location dependent – say you live in Hampshire, or you’re visiting Cheshire – then we’ve researched the best days out for you there. You can find your county here, or you can search by city for a time by time day itinerary there.

Day Out in England is straight to the point. We don’t waffle, there’s no flashy links all over the place, and it’s definitely not all about the kids here. Adults can have fun in England too!

We’re looking for the best things to do in England, at the best prices. You can expect lots of money saving advice here too.

Suggestions for great days out in England? Let us know!

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