13 Best Days Out In Wiltshire

Days out in Wiltshire are totally underrated – have you been? If you’re not quite sure what you can do in a day in Wiltshire, here’s your guide to the beautiful county.

Expect cathedrals, rivers, and historic towns – and you can’t complete ‘days out in Wiltshire’ without heading to Stonehenge, can you?

Stourhead gardens

Wiltshire is a small country situated in South West England with some of the most beautiful and welcoming places to unwind, tastiest cuisine, and some fun and exciting things to do. It’s well known for being home to one of England’s most important UNESCO sites, Stonehenge, but what else is there to do in Wiltshire once you’ve seen the stones?

We’ve curated a perfect list for you to enjoy some best days in Wiltshire. So, let’s get started.

13 Best Days Out in Wiltshire

Here are the best places to go for a day out in Wiltshire according to us, the internet and our fellow Brits.

1. Relax in Salisbury, at the Cathedral

Salisbury is one of the major tourist attractions in Wiltshire and is a stunning city showcasing the beautiful architecture of the medieval century. The cathedral and the walls of the buildings speak volumes of the impeccable architecture of the city. It has the world’s oldest working clock which was built in the year 1386.

day out in Wiltshire

Salisbury is also known as the Cathedral City, for good reason. Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most spectacular buildings showcasing medieval architecture. It’s a living church and attracts thousands of visitors to explore this sacred place. The Cathedral has the presence of four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta.

Salisbury Cathedral is the second most popular place to visit in Wiltshire.

2. Visit the spectacular Stonehenge in Amesbury

If you want to visit unique and unexplored places then Amesbury is a must-visit for you. The traces of habitation in Amesbury can be dated back to 10,000 years making it the oldest settlement in the country. Amesbury is crowded by tourists owing to the presence of the top of the list of places to visit in Wiltshire, Stonehenge.

days out in Wiltshire

Stonehenge is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in Europe and is included in the coveted list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in England.

While visiting Stonehenge, a stroll around the Stone Circle goes without a question. To know more about the rich culture and history of Stonehenge you can visit the exhibition and scan through over 250+ archeological objects to satisfy your curiosity. You can read all our top tips for visiting Stonehenge here, to really make the most of your day. Stonehenge is one of the most popular days in England for adults, and curious children too.

Stonehenge is undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks in England. Makes sure to check out nearby Avebury too, another UNESCO site but not nearly as well known. In fact, we’ve added it to our list of the best of hidden England.

It’s one of the best day trips from Bristol you’ll find!


3. Enjoy the market town of Devizes

Devizes is the most precious yet hidden gem of Wiltshire.

This medieval market town contains around 250 shops, 50 plus eating joints, churches, museums, and pubs. The Wadworth Brewery is around 150 years old and still delivers one of the best ales by Shire Horse.

day out in Wiltshire

Another major attraction is the Wiltshire Museum which gives you a glimpse of the Bronze Age and its treasures.

The location of Devizes is ideal from Salisbury and Stonehenge and so is a great place for tourists to explore the culture and enjoy the authentic cuisine of Wiltshire.

4. Go to the urban centre of Swindon

The most popular place to visit in Swindon is the Great Western Railway Museum.

what to do in wiltshire

It follows the train and origination of steam travel including GWR Star Class North Star, crafted by Robert Stephenson in the year 1838. Swindon is a town with a perfect amalgamation of modernity and rich cultural heritage.

5. Visit the fairytale land of Lacock

Walking into a fairytale land is totally possible if you visit Wiltshire for a day out.

Lacock is one of the most beautiful small towns in the Wiltshire Cotswolds. Its rustic charm has attracted not only tourists but many famous filmmakers; two Harry Potter movies have been shot in this town.

places to visit wiltshire

Lacock is maintained by the National Trust which also takes care of the Lacock Abbey – a nunnery that has been redesigned as a stately home.

6. Drive through Longleat Safari Park in Warminster

Warminster is a small scenic town situated on the Salisbury plain. The town is famous for its active involvement in the corn trade.

Wiltshire attractions

Stourhead is a stunning country house and garden, in fact it’s one of the best gardens in England. It’s also home to the exquisite Elizabeth Longleat Manor and the wild and adventurous Longleat Safari Park – another popular spot in Warminster. Plan a fantastic day out with your whole family at the Longleat Maze, especially with Longleat Safari Park right on site too. The Longleat Maze is one of the most popular mazes in England. This is one of the best days out in Wiltshire for all the family.

7. Visit picture-perfect Castle Combe

Castle Combe is one of the prettiest villages in England in every possible sense. The village lies on the North West side of Wiltshire.

places to visit in wiltshire

The picturesque view of this village has been featured in many movies like The Wolf Man, Stardust, War Horse, and Dr. Doolittle. Castle Combe is home to the 13th Century St. Andrew’s Church – complete with the oldest working clock in the country. This is one of the most popular places to go in Wiltshire, and thanks to the many thatched-roof cottages, makes for a really popular day out in the Cotswolds too.

Wandering the beautiful villages of the Cotswolds makes for a great day out for adults.

8. Learn about history through relics in Old Sarum

Old Sarum is one of the earliest settlements of Salisbury. The place is famous for its mighty Iron Age Hill fort; the fort has marks from the ancient Roman, Normans, and Saxons architecture.

where to go in wiltshire

The Iron Age Hill Fort has been established around 400 BC. An archeological survey has shown the relics of the Bronze Age. Old Sarum is a calm and serene Wiltshire attraction – perfect for a picnic or for a stroll.

9. Wander round Bradford on Avon

where to go bradford on avon

Bradford lies on the west side of the country and is made up of limestone giving it a touch of old-world charm. The town provides a perfect place for a quiet and calm stroll among the most beautiful architecture.

Check out Bradford on Avon’s medieval bridge for a picture perfect spot.

10. The Market Town of Marlborough

This is an old and wide street market in Wiltshire, and the second widest market in England.

where to go in wiltshire

Marlborough streets are preserved and have pubs, antique shops, and teashops. The streets are lined with stone houses and there’s a weekly market every Wednesday and Saturday. You can also visit the Marlborough Downs to get out in the fresh air.

11. Relax in the countryside of Cricklade

Cricklade is situated by the River Thames and has a rich cultural heritage and history. Visit Cricklade and you can see two ancient churches, both built before the 13th century. You’ll also see Jenner Hall.

day out in wiltshire

Cricklade has a beautiful countryside view with the National Nature Reserve in full bloom around the spring season. These views are what should place Cricklade firmly on your Wiltshire days out list.

12. Get romantic in Tisbury

Tisbury is one of the most picturesque villages situated beside the Nadder River. At its centre is the Parish Church, surrounded by natural beauty.

Tisbury is also famous for the Old Wardour Castle which was built around the 14thCentury. It’s one of the best castles in Wiltshire. Old Wardour Castle is one of the hotspots for a romantic getaway and it has also been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. Though it doesn’t quite make our list of the spookiest castles in England!

13. Historic Town of Malmesbury

Another historic and beautiful town in Wiltshire is Malmesbury. It is located by the river Avon.

places to visit in wiltshire

This small town has an abundance of history and culture. Malmesbury was the main fortification for Alfred the Great against the Vikings. Malmesbury also has Old Bell Inn, one of the oldest hotels in England that has been in service since the year 1220.

Make sure to seek out the Malmesbury Weir here, and the Malmesbury Abbey too – both stunning spots for a look see, and a picture.

Days out in Wiltshire

Go on a day out in Wiltshire and you can enjoy scenic marvels, beautiful countryside and historic monuments. And if you want unusual things to do in Wiltshire, you can delve a little bit deeper and stay over in the county to explore more.

day out in wiltshire

The county is a perfect balance of art, architecture, natural beauty, and rich historic culture. The small towns and villages in Wiltshire have an abundance of rich cultural heritage and are bustling with life, vibrancy and romance.

We hope that these options help you to enjoy some of the best days out in Wiltshire.

Quicklist: day out in Wiltshire

  • 1. Relax in Salisbury, at the Cathedral
  • 2. Visit the spectacular Stonehenge in Amesbury
  • 3. Enjoy the market town of Devizes
  • 4. Go to the urban centre of Swindon
  • 5. Visit the fairytale land of Lacock
  • 6. Drive through Longleat Safari Park in Warminster
  • 7. Visit picture-perfect Castle Combe
  • 8. Learn about history through relics in Old Sarum
  • 9. Wander round Bradford on Avon
  • 10. The Market Town of Marlborough
  • 11. Relax in the countryside of Cricklade
  • 12. Get romantic in Tisbury
  • 13. Historic Town of Malmesbury
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