Top 5 Places to See in the West of England

The west of England can be one of the best places to explore for a day out. Here are five fabulous spots to discover for you to explore.

For such a small country England can offer you so many remarkable things to see and try. The most beautiful countryside and award-winning beaches will meet you there. England has the most incredible shorelines you will ever see. That’s why there are so many seaside towns with the fantastic view one could ever dream about observing from the windows of their homes. 

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Visiting England would give you a chance to speculate fabulous rolling hills as far as the eye can see. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the greenish landscape you’ll find there. When driving along the road further and further new countryside will open in front of you, willing to be discovered. The lakes surrounding them will take your breath away and make you stop for a while to enjoy the view. But be careful. And don’t be swapped away by the romantic picture of the regions. You have a chance to explore other places of the best vistas in the world. 

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5 Best Places Worth Seeing in the West of England

Have you decided what you want to see in England yet? You will feel the sense of history all around it. And people, who like to have fun on any possible occasion, will surprise you with their hospitality and ability to make parties. Yes, England may be small in size, but there is so much to see and discover. Thus, if you get a chance to visit the western part of the country, you will be even more impressed. The West Country of England is full of historic buildings. The 14th century churches are scattered along the countryside. Old picturesque villages that once had been destroyed found a new life and prosper today, pleasing the eye with their beauty and uniqueness. Here are the top five locations to see in the West of England.

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1. Bath

Whatever the season is, it won’t stop visitors from coming to Bath. The reasons are different as everyone expects to find or discover their things in this region. Somebody would prefer the history and everything connected to the story of an ancient town, cathedrals, and castles scattered all around. Others may look for peace in the rural places where they would enjoy the beauty of nature or be amazed by the wildlife.

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Bath is one of the oldest cities in the west of England. There was Jane Austen’s home in Bath. She adored this city, and it’s no wonder why. The place is so festive, especially during Christmas time, that you would never get bored here. But if you decide to come to Bath any other time, you’ll have plenty of things to see.

The city is engulfed by Roman history, so the visitors may be surprised to find many interesting facts about it. For example, Roman baths here are the best-preserved in the whole UK. If you are more up to fun activities, you can visit the Royal Circus, which may bring you a lot of positive emotions.

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2. Lake District

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and looking for something relaxing and peaceful, then the trip to the Lake District might be the right choice. This place became a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the number of lakes and their beauty.

Lake District activities

One of the most popular lakes in the district is considered to be Lake Windermere. However, all the other lakes are as gorgeous as this one and really worth visiting. Thus, no matter what destination you choose in the district, you will experience an emotional boost and many interesting insights.

Ullswater Lake, as a rule, has fewer visitors, but it doesn’t diminish its incredible beauty. Just stay here for a while to enjoy the uniqueness of the place. 

3. Salisbury

If you happen to visit Stonehenge, don’t forget about one place that is quite near the western direction. Salisbury is an ancient medieval city with a great history. One of the most iconic parts of the place is Salisbury’s cathedral and the Magna Carta. Ones who are truly obsessed with the historic houses and buildings have a chance to explore many fascinating things here. In addition, the tour around the city can bring you unforgettable experiences full of useful information for general knowledge.

4. Bodmin Jail

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Once you are in Bodmin, visit the famous jail. It is a notorious jail in the West of England that is popular among tourists, especially those who believe in ghosts. The jail was built in the 1800s, and it is known for the cruel treatment of the prisoners who got sentenced there. However, if you need a harsh experience and mystery, then this place welcomes you. Just make sure you stick with the group while you are on tour around this scary place. 

5. Bristol

It’s a very attractive city for those who are in love with the city and urban life. Bristol is one of the best urban places in the west of England. It has a very long maritime history which makes the city even more adorable.

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You will find dozens of museums and art galleries that are scattered all over the city. The Bristol Museum is the most worthy one to visit, especially if you are traveling with kids. You have an opportunity to find great contemporary pieces of art here as well. Bristol makes for a great day out in the west of England.


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