7 Fun Things to Do with Grandparents for a Great Day Out in 2024

Here are the best days out for grandparents in England. It can be difficult to satisfy everyone’s mobility and health needs, interest levels and price points, but these are the best senior days out to inspire your next adventure.

Wondering where to take the grandparents on a day out in England? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

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If you’re asking yourself: what can I do with my grandparents? Then here are a few ideas to get you inspired for action. We’re letting you in on some of the best activities for grandparents so you can enjoy some quality time together.

The Best Things to Do with Grandparents

A day out with Grandma or a day out with Grandpa is a great way to bond, and for you all to get out of the house too. So, here are the best things to do with your grandparents in England.

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1. Explore England’s history at ancient sites

Despite what views you might have or where you are from, there is guaranteed to be some part of England’s extensive past that will interest you! From ancient times to wars and royalty, there are many great historical sites across England to visit, from rock formations, to museums, to castles.

  • Going way back to the Bronze Age, grandparents who are fascinated by thousand-year-old artifacts and rock formations will enjoy checking out Northumberland National Park. There exists prehistoric carvings on huge slabs of rock – some of them are wildly intricate! Near the park at the Ford and Etal Estate there are also the mysterious Duddo Standing Stones that are marvellous to see in person. This is a great area to visit for the more curious, active grandparents that don’t mind a little bit of hiking to the sites. 
  • For those who want to learn a bit about the more recent Roman heritage, then Hadrian’s Wall is a great place to check out. From examining real artefacts at an excavation site, to a Roman Army museum, there are many different spots to visit at the Wall. You can stop at one spot and explore it all day, or if you’re more restless and want to see it all you can drive to many of the great attractions that elaborate on the historic Roman influence in England.

These are much older sites in England and of course there are also many more recent historical spots to visit. From Liverpool to the Houses of Parliament in London, to Stonehenge in Wiltshire and the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, there’s a lot to see.

How active are your grandparents?

You could look at getting them an English Heritage or National Trust membership to encourage them to go on these kind of days out more. Wandering round an ancient site in the fresh air is one of the best things to do with Grandparents.

2. Wine tasting at England’s vineyards

Enjoy a lower maintenance day out with grandparents in England by enjoying a spot of wine tasting. There are many different places to linger at and enjoy local European wines, and English wines too. You’ll get a great taste of England while hardly having to go anywhere! 

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  • Ryedale Vineyard in North Yorkshire is a beautiful setting to sip and enjoy the English countryside. It’s family-run and has operated since 2009. They get their grapes from nearby Paradise Farm. All of the wines are made at this location from start to finish including the pruning, harvesting, bottling and labelling. You are able to tour this winery and can even stay the night at the Farfield Farmhouse nearby at the end of the day. 
  • Biddenden Vineyard in Kent is a beautiful quiet and rustic spot for tastings. It’s the oldest vineyard in Kent having begun in 1969. They have ten different varieties of grapes that they turn into a wide range of wines. It is free to stroll around the grounds and watch the pressing and bottling done, and they even offer free samples! Biddenden also sells delicious ciders for those who may not enjoy wine as much. This winery is the perfect location for those who want to wander through one of the older vineyards and get a taste of all kinds of wines.

The above are only a few of the many vineyards in the English countryside. Those who are more adventurous might be interested in a tour of all the spots throughout Kent! Wine lovers will not want to miss the change to enjoy a peaceful day sipping through all of the different varieties. 

Wine tasting is one of the best things to do with Grandparents on a day out, and we guarantee there’ll be a vineyard near(ish) you for a fab day out.

3. Relax on the beaches

When we think of beaches we often might think of kids playing in the waves and sand, but, the relaxed vibe makes for a great day out for grandparents too. The beaches in England are some of the most beautiful, with the protruding cliffs, golden sand, and countryside views. 

days out on the beaches
  • One must-see is Bournemouth Beach, which encompasses over 11 miles of golden sand. There are surrounding theatres, cafes, restaurants and more, making it ideal if you just want to go for a walk along the water and grab a bite to eat. Of course, the England weather makes it more ideal to sunbathe during the summer, but it’s also an awesome spot for just browsing around and basking in the beachy atmosphere. This beach is often known for Bournemouth Pier, which offers gorgeous views of the emerald waters and golden shore.
  • For the grandparents who want to take a dip in the ocean, West Wittering Beach is the perfect spot for just that. It has a wide shore with soft white sands and an amazingly calm sea that is perfect for wading around in. It is one of the more peaceful beaches in England and great if you’re visiting with kids as well.

There are far more fabulous beaches around England than what is mentioned above! Find the nearest beach to you for a great day out with the grandparents. Whether you want to go for a walk along the shore or cool off in the sea, there is a beach for grandparents of any and all interests in England. Just remember to take some sun shelter and the camping chairs for ultimate comfort too!

4. Treat grandparents to a spa day

Sometimes you may not feel like making the drive to the historical sites nor sipping wine all day, and when the weather is less than desirable, you may need another option. A day to let off some stresses at one of the many spas in England can never be a bad idea, especially if these grandparents in question are travelling to see the grandkids! 

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  • One of the most desirable spas in England is Lime Wood in the New Forest, Hampshire. This is a great spot for those who want more of a back to nature experience. There are different kinds of sessions for visitors with any kind of need or interest. For example, they have fitness classes in a rooftop garden, as well as seaweed massages, overnight cabin stays, and a steaming hot pool, just to name a few! There’s no doubt you’ll all feel refreshed after this bohemian spa experience.
  • For a more modern spa visit, Dormy House in the Cotswolds has some incredible treatments your grandparents will love. They have all of the classy spa experiences that you have been dreaming of. You can get a detox massage at the hot mineral mud room or rest in the lavender-laced Sauna. Facials are also available, and those who want to get their nails done can do so while enjoying a glass of champagne. In addition, couples can have an intimate spa stay at one of the hot tub suites!
  • Last but not least, The Gainsborough Bath Spa in Somerset is a one-of-a-kind. They are the only hotel in Britain that has access to natural thermal waters. Those who love hot springs or hot tubs will have a blast in the three thermal pools. Visitors can participate in the ‘Bath House Circuit’ where they can soak for an hour in each of the three pools while exfoliating with crushed lavender ice. In addition, there are aquatic yoga classes and mineral body wraps for the more adventurous visitors! 

Spas are a great opportunity for grandparents to unwind and spend some quality time with you, especially since England has some of the best. There’s nothing like recovering with a revitalising massage or a steamy sauna. 

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5. Afternoon Tea somewhere fantastic

One of the best gifts for grandparents you could buy would be an Afternoon Tea experience. You can buy these all over England, at a range of price points. You can choose between luxury afternoon teas, themed afternoon teas, or simply, just a tea and scones.

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  • How about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych in London? You can all have your fill of cupcakes, brownies, and macaroons at any of the cake shops around.
  • Or, slightly more on the budget side, you can book one of the Afternoon Tea packages from buyagift.com. How about a bottomless Afternoon Tea to really enjoy the day out with your grandparents?!

6. Steam train ride day out

How about a steam train ride day out for something cool to do with your grandparents? This might be a classic day out for grandparents, but it’s a popular choice for a reason. On a steam train ride day out you’ll normally get to admire the trains at the station before boarding one of them for a short journey to test out the tracks. Look out for special events or steam train rides where you get to have a meal on the train too.

There are steam train experiences all over England, but here are a few of our favourites.

Grandpa day out
  • The Isle of Wight Steam Railway has a great museum on site, as well as a cafe bar and sometimes a falconry display too. You can spend an hour or two in the museums, before having a ride on one of the steam trains too. It’s a great day out for all the family, never mind just the grandparents.
  • Or there’s the Dartmouth Steam Railway in Devon, where you can board the train from Paignton to Kingswear. You can also combine this steam train experience with a paddle steamer boat trip to really make the most of the day.

7. Visit one of England’s amazing gardens

And finally, for this list of the best things to do with grandparents, how about visiting some of England’s gardens?

There are some truly exceptional gardens in England, where grandparents are sure to enjoy admiring the flowers, and grandchildren can enjoy just running around in the freedom. Gardens make for a great day out on a bright day as there’s plenty of space to get around, and they’re usually well set out to cater for any mobility issues or elderly needs.

best gardens in england

Here are some of our favourites for a great day out with the grandparents:

  • Nymans Garden is a classic English garden in West Sussex that many consider ‘romantic’. Historically, the garden was developed in the late 19th century, and has been maintained by three generations of the Messel family. Nyman’s is one of the best gardens in England that goes for a unique subsection of ‘outdoor’ yet ‘all-year-round’ visiting.
  • Kew Gardens is the iconic botanic gardens located in southwest London that houses the ‘largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world’. When most people think of gardens in England, they probably think of this one first. It was started back in 1840, as an ‘exotic garden at Kew Park’ west of London. It has a living collection of over 27,000 taxa curated by Royal Botanic Gardens and the herbarium has over 8.5 million preserved plant and fungal specimens. Visit for one of the most popular gardens in England, and a great day out from London.

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Days out with grandparents in England

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We hope this has opened your eyes to some of the great things to do with grandparents in England. Of course, it’s not an extensive list, you may also enjoy hiking through the countryside, bird watching, or even flying over England in a hot air balloon!?

Luckily, England has all of that in addition to these amazing locations to learn, sip wine, chill on the beach, or get spoilt at a spa. 

Things to do with the grandparents quick list

  • 1. Explore England’s history at ancient sites
  • 2. Wine tasting at England’s vineyards
  • 3. Relax on the beaches
  • 4. Treat grandparents to a spa day
  • 5. Afternoon Tea somewhere fantastic
  • 6. Steam train ride day out
  • 7. Visit one of England’s amazing gardens


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