50 Hampshire Quiz Questions & Answers

My 50-question Hampshire quiz – perfect for locals, or fans of the county!

Test your knowledge and see how well you really know Hampshire, England…

Welcome to my 50 Hampshire quiz questions! 

Test your Hampshire knowledge with this quiz about one of the best counties in England (I live here). Whether you’re from Hampshire, or you just love the area, it’s time to show off what you know about it. If you need some revision, check out the best things to do in Hampshire on a day out.

You can either do this Hampshire quiz yourself, or you could use this quiz about Hampshire to play against or with your friends. Find out how much you know about Hampshire – let me know how you do in the comments section below!

Ancient ruins in Southampton - Hampshire, England

This Hampshire quiz has five rounds of 10 questions. Featuring some brain-wracking questions about Hampshire, see how much you know. 

The answers are at the end of the post, in a PDF so you can’t accidentally see them if you don’t want to. 

Don’t forget to share your scores in the comments at the end of the post. And follow Day Out in England on Facebook for more fun Hampshire posts. Enjoy…

BIG Hampshire Quiz

Beach huts Milton

1. Hampshire general knowledge 

1. What is the name of Hampshire’s County Town?

Is Winchester Cathedral the biggest cathedral in the UK? 

3. Where does Hampshire rank in population?  

4. How many universities are in Hampshire?

5. Which of these is not a boat in Portsmouth Dockyard? 

– Victory 

– Nelson 

– Mayflower

6. Which Hampshire City are the longest holding FA cup champions?

7. What’s the name of the outlet shopping centre in Portsmouth?

8. What kind of wine is Hambledon Vineyard famous for?

9. Is Hayling Island famous for 

– Kitesurfing 

– Surfing or

– Jet skiing?

10. Which Hampshire city is home to the only passenger hovercraft in Britain?

Hampshire Quiz Questions

2. Hampshire’s famous folk

11. Which ‘king’ was born in Grayshott?

12. Which city was Craig David born in?

13. Which Hampshire city was Charles Dickens born in?

14. What did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle write in Southsea?

15. Which village was Jane Austen born in?

16. Who’s the famous singer of Song for Our Daughter?

17. Which famous pig has a world here?

18. Which TV show was filmed at Highclere House?

19. Which famous gardener lives in Alton?

20. Who wore safety pins on her dress and was born in Basingstoke?

3. Hampshire picture round

Cities in Hampshire

4. Hampshire’s geography

30. What’s the estimated population of Hampshire in 2019?

– 1,844,245

– 1,626,625

– 1,543,321

31. What’s the highest hill in Hampshire? 

32. How tall is the Spinnaker Tower? 

33. What does Portsmouth have more of than London?

34. What’s the name of the river in the New Forest?

35. Name the six counties bordering Hampshire?

36. Which city does the South Downs Way start in?

37. Over 45% of the county is covered in what?

38. How long is the Hampshire coastline?

– 230 miles

– 200 miles

– 175 miles

39. Which village in Hampshire is usually on best places to live lists?

40. How many cities are in Hampshire?

5. Attractions in Hampshire

Hampshire Quiz Questions

41. Which famous gin is distilled in Hampshire?

42. Name of Southsea’s biggest beach festival?

43. What’s the big museum in Beaulieu famous for?

44. What year did Titanic sail from Southampton?

45. What’s the name of the fantastic animal named restaurant in Brockenhurst?

46. Which queen is commemorated in a park in Petersfield?

47. What do tourists go to see in Titchfield?

48. Which is the biggest zoo in Hampshire?

49 What’s the name of the Theatre in Southampton?

50. What will you find at Exbury?



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