How to Use the Isle of Wight Hovercraft from Portsmouth to Ryde for a Great Day Out

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the Isle of Wight Hovercraft! Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the unique features, advantages, and excitement that awaits when you choose to travel by hovercraft to the wonderful Isle of Wight.

hovercraft from southsea to ryde

The Isle of Wight Hovercraft service is not just a means of travel; it is an integral part of the island’s identity and heritage. Dating back to its inception in 1965, this iconic hovercraft route has been connecting the mainland of Southsea to the beautiful shores of Ryde on the Isle of Wight. It proudly holds the title of the world’s longest-running commercial hovercraft service.

It’s an important link for commuters, and for anyone who wants to head over to the Isle of Wight for the day with ease and adventure. It’s open to mobility impaired, children, babies, bikes and scooters – everyone’s invited!

The Isle of Wight Hovercraft is a cutting-edge mode of transportation that glides effortlessly over both land and water. It offers a remarkable alternative to traditional ferry services, combining speed, convenience, and stunning views. The hovercraft service connects Southsea, a vibrant coastal town on the mainland, to Ryde, a picturesque resort town on the Isle of Wight. The route spans the Solent Strait, providing a direct and efficient link between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.


Why use the Isle of Wight hovercraft?

Speed and Efficiency
The Isle of Wight Hovercraft offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, taking you across the Solent Strait in just a matter of minutes. Just ten to be precise. With speeds of up to 45 knots, you’ll glide effortlessly over the water, leaving behind the constraints of traditional ferry services.

on board the isle of wight hovercraft

Versatility and Accessibility
Unlike conventional vessels, hovercrafts are not bound by water alone. They can seamlessly transition from land to water, eliminating the need for dedicated docking facilities. This flexibility opens up opportunities for hovercrafts to operate even in areas with limited infrastructure, providing an accessible and convenient travel option. It’s amazing how quickly and seamlessly the hover ferry can mount land on arrival!

Spectacular Views
As you soar above the waves on the hovercraft from Portsmouth to Ryde, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views of the Solent and the beautiful coastline of Portsmouth and Ryde. The vantage point offered by the hovercraft gives you a unique perspective, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the Isle of Wight from a whole new angle.

How to use the Southsea to Ryde hovercraft

Consult the timetable: Check out the hovercraft’s timetable, which departs regularly throughout the day. You can catch the hovercraft in Portsmouth, or in Ryde, to go back and forth. It doesn’t go anywhere else, and you can’t stop on the way!

Ticket booking: Secure your ticket in advance to guarantee a spot on the hovercraft. Online booking for the hovercraft is the most convenient option, allowing you to select your preferred date and time of travel. It’s also cheapest to book in advance. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at designated ticket offices or self-service kiosks.

hover travel in southsea

Arrival time: Arrive at the hovercraft terminal well in advance of your departure time to complete any necessary check-in procedures and ensure a stress-free experience. You need to do this at least ten minutes before, but less than 30 minutes really.

Luggage considerations: Be mindful of the hovercraft’s luggage policy, which typically allows for 1 suitcase plus 1 carry-on bag per person. No bag can be more than 30kg. You can take bikes and buggies easily, and there’s a ramp to get them on board.

Facilities and amenities: Facilities at the hovercraft terminal include seating areas, a restroom, a coffee machine and a snack vending machine. There are a few shops and restaurants nearby if you want something more substantial.

What to expect on board the hovercraft

Safety briefing: Pay attention to the safety briefing provided by the crew before departure. Familiarise yourself with the emergency exits, life jackets, and safety procedures to ensure a safe journey.

Seating and comfort: Seats aren’t allocated so get on early to bag a window seat to relish the unparalleled views of the Solent and the coastline.

Arrival into Ryde

Follow the instructions provided by the crew during the disembarkation process off the hovercraft. Stay patient and allow fellow passengers to exit in an orderly fashion.

day out isle of wight

Once you step off the hovercraft, immerse yourself in the charm of Ryde. Take advantage of the proximity to local attractions, restaurants, and shops, and the town’s beautiful beaches, historic architecture, and vibrant culture. Make sure to read our day out in Ryde guide before you go.

Ticket options for the hovercraft

Isle of Wight hovercraft prices change depending on how far in advance you get them. Buying your ticket in advance is definitely the best option. You can book your hovercraft travel here.

The importance of the Isle of Wight hovercraft

The Isle of Wight Hovercraft plays a vital role in the island’s tourism industry and local economy. Its accessibility and efficiency attract visitors from far and wide, providing them with an effortless means to explore the island’s rich heritage, natural beauty, and vibrant culture.

The increased tourist influx bolsters local businesses, ranging from accommodation providers and restaurants to shops and tourist attractions. The hovercraft service also serves as a catalyst for job creation and supports the growth of the island’s transportation sector.

Travelling by hovercraft to the Isle of Wight

hovercraft isle of wight

The combination of speed, convenience, and unbeatable views creates a captivating adventure that will leave a lasting impression. Embrace the thrill, enjoy the comfort, and be captivated by the beauty of this remarkable destination.



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