The BIG England Food Quiz – 50 Questions and Answers

I wanted to put together a 50-question English food quiz. If you’re notoriously bad at quizzes, then this will be the one for you. With 50 food trivia questions and answers, all about food in England, I guarantee you’ll get at least 10 right.


If you want English food questions and answers, which consider food from all across the nation, then this is the one from you. Do you know your Bakewell tart from your Bakewell pudding?

Well step right up, here’s the BIG England food quiz.

English Food Questions & Answers

There are five rounds to this England food quiz:

The answers are on a separate PDF at the end for you to download, so don’t worry about scrolling too far.

Make sure to share your scores at the bottom of the post!

Good luck. And treat yourself to a KitKat if you get 50/50…

England food quiz
Test your food trivia with these questions and answers!

Round 1: English breakfast quiz

  1. What does the HP stand for in HP sauce?
  2. Which breakfast item is proudly made in Burton on Trent?
  3. ‘Like Tea used to be’ refers to which tea?
  4. What’s the official difference between an English breakfast, and a Scottish one?
  5. What is a smoked herring also known as?
  6. What type of animal forms the basis of a kedgeree, be precise? 
  7. What type of beans are baked beans?
  8. What caused the holes in crumpets?
  9. When it comes to breakfast, what are soldiers?
  10. Which is healthier, a croissant or an English muffin?
Scotch egg

Round 2: Lunch in England quiz – what am I?

  1. I’m stuffed with beef, turnips, potatoes and onions, and was first served in south England, what am I?
  2. I’m found in Devon and people often argue about which is spread on me first, what am I?
  3. I was invented so John Mantagu wouldn’t get both his hands and cards dirty during a gambling game, what am I?
  4. I have a thin layer of fat, and am kinda a big deal in Melton Mowbray, what am I?
  5. I’m a bit like a pasty, but I have a savoury filling at one end, and sweet at the other, what am I?
  6. I’m a delicacy, found in Colchester, and the Romans loved me, what am I?
  7. I famously appeared on Wallace and Gromit, what am I?
  8. I’m made from bread, cheese, beer and pickles, and served as a lunch, what am I?
  9. Fortnum and Mason claim to have invented me in 1738, I’m round, I divide the nation, what am I?
  10. I’m known as a staple in the English diet, to anyone who doesn’t live in England. They think we eat them while drinking afternoon tea out of a teacup. In reality, we don’t, at all. What am I?

Round 3: Chocolate in England – picture round

How many of these chocolate bars can you name?  

Round 4: English Dinner quiz

  1. What meat is used in a Shepherds Pie?
  2. Which day do English people traditionally eat fish and chips?
  3. What is beef wrapped in pate and pastry, and usually served with potatoes and veg called?
  4. Do you use yeast in Yorkshire Pudding?
  5. I’m made of potatoes and cabbage, and usually made from leftovers, what am I?
  6. Which vegetable was first known as ‘Italian asparagus’?  
  7. What does BISTO stand for?
  8. Which county is most famed for its hotpot?
  9. What is a panackelty?
  10. What type of food does the UK spend £4.7 BILLION on a year?
Dinner in England

Round 5: English Dessert Quiz

  1. What’s it called when you put meringue with cream and strawberries and coulis?
  2. Which has more calories in a full standard packet, Viennetta or Arctic Roll?
  3. You can buy lemon Angel Delight, true or false? 
  4. Colin is synonymous with which supermarket? 
  5. Battenberg cake is traditionally which two colours? 
  6. Name five ingredients in trifle? 
  7. I sound like an STI, what am I?
  8. What is an eccles cake made of? 
  9. What’s the English word for when you have loads of ice cream, fruit and sauce in a tall glass?
  10. I have bananas, cream, and toffee made from boiled condensed milk – what am I? 

Bonus question

Bonus question, if you choose to accept it, you have 60 seconds – set the timer…

How many things can you cook with a sausage?


Toad in the hole, sausage casserole, sausage roll, pigs in blanket, sausage stew, sausage sandwich, sausage meatballs, hot dogs… etc.

You know if it’s right! 

Either give the 50th point to whoever gets the most, or get a point for every meal – up to you.

All the answers!

God we’re weird in England, and WONDERFUL!

That’s made me very hungry. I need some spotted dick and a knickerbocker glory right NOW. Hope you’ve enjoyed these food trivia questions and answers.

How many points did you get then?

Let me know in the comments below…

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