How to Spend a Weekend in London as a Student

If you want to go to London on the upcoming weekend, but you’re unsure whether it’s worth the effort, let’s check what things are available for you.

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London is an incredible city from many sides, and millions of tourists came here for a reason back in the days. However, unfortunately, the pandemic has brought big changes and made people reject travelling. Even though the epidemiological situation remains uneasy, many places have started reopening.

Thus, if you live in the UK or come here without any issues, it is worth arranging a lovely weekend in London. Your entertainment program can be extremely diverse, and the chances are high that you will not have enough time to pop in every place you want. To eliminate this situation, you can take care of your assignments beforehand. You should just read an essay writing help review to find a reliable academic helper that will take a part of your burden. Develop your problem-solving abilities and always look for a way out instead of rejecting things you like. 

Walk through Notting Hill

Even though this area has become popular thanks to a movie, it attracts visitors with many things. It can boast of a lovely neighbourhood full of cosy places and shops, so you will have a great time there. Besides, many art-based entertainment programs have become available again with the easing of quarantine. You can pop in Graffik Gallery located on Portobello Road. When you satisfy your cravings for exhibitions, you can go to ease your hunger in one of the numerous cafes. This makes for a great free day out in London.

Pop in Leadenhall Market

interior of a victorian style market hall in London, Great Britain

If you’re fond of markets, you should visit this Victorian hall since it is one of the best options to explore. Even though this place has undergone big changes since its appearance, the building still looks impressive and can boast of various stores and cafes. If you decide to have a drink, pop in the M Bar. In general, it is a wonderful lunch place when you find yourself in the city centre. Besides, if you like panoramic views, you can hit the monument to the great fire of London to enjoy the capital from a different perspective.

Drink tea in a cosy private dome

If you prefer to stay away from the crowds, you will like the idea of enjoying your five o’clock tea in a private dome that looks amazing. This option is especially suitable for a small company of people, so you should visit this secretive garden if you travel with friends. One entrance ticket will cover meals for about three people, so you will be able to enjoy your private haven. The great news is that this place is available exactly at the weekend, so don’t miss your chance.

Walk along the streets of Southwark

Southwark Cathedral has been a place of Christian worship for more than 1,000 years, but the architecure was reconstructed in late 19th-century

If you have decided to pay someone to write an essay to free up your schedule being a student, you’ll definitely make the best out of your little holiday. It is worth strolling through Southwark that stretches from the River Thames banks to the south, and has many things to offer for its visitors. For example, the Tate Modern constantly pleases people with various exhibitions. You can also hit the Southbank Center to enjoy installations and even a show. Thus, if you like such a pastime, you will get a big portion of positive vibes.

Visit some picturesque beaches near London

If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the megapolis or want to get the best out of your weekend, you can get out of London for a while and visit the nearest seaside spots. Even though many people turn a blind eye to beaches when in London, you can escape and enjoy truly stunning landscapes near the noisy capital. The main thing here is to get ready for such a trip and grab a windbreaker beforehand. Even though summer is already around the corner, you never know what weather you will face the next moment.

Arrange an AR art hunt

Everyone knows that museums are one of the features of London, so you should necessarily include at least some of them into your list of must-visit places. London can meet your requirements even if your tastes differ much from classic options. Nowadays, some museums start reopening their doors to visitors. However, if you are not ready to spend time with strangers indoors, you can arrange an AR art hunt around the city. Some famous galleries have joined forces to develop an amazing outdoor art exhibition. You will be able to enjoy the works of the most famous artists of all time. It is necessary to download the Art of London Augmented Gallery application to get free access to all these masterpieces. The app will provide you with a map and comments on each work, so your stroll will be double interesting.

Ride the London Eye

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It is impossible to visit London and skip one of its must-visit attractions. The pandemic has made people admire it from the ground, but it looks like the wheel works again. So, if you have taken care of your homework and have enough free time, you can enjoy the outstanding views of London. If you have some issues with your tasks, it is worth reading some online reviews to find a trustworthy helper and get your papers done on time. Riding the London Eye is a safe pastime since they take extra measures to clean and make it comfortable. Just bear in mind that you have to pre-book your entrance ticket beforehand to get a chance to ride it.


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