We have four different styles of articles on DayOutinEngland.com, just to keep things as simple and familiar as possible for our readers.

The articles follow a format and aim to cover as much of the many, many, things to do in England as possible.

1. Days Out in a County

There are 48 counties in England, and we want to cover them all. Our ‘Days Out in a County’ guides are over 2000 words and aim to cover everything there is to do in a county, in easy to follow, simple suggestions.

We aim to have over 10 suggestions for each county, and each suggestion has a theme, like, for example – Dorset for water babies, Dorset for history buffs or Dorset for shoppers. We want the reader to be able to read the guide, decide the perfect day out for them in the county, and then be able to go from point to point using our guide.


19 Brilliant Days Out in Hampshire 

19 Great Days Out on the Isle of Wight

2. Day Out in a City

With our day out in a city guides we want to create a more in depth itinerary for readers to follow when they visit one of the 51 cities in England.

From breakfast through to evening drinks, our day out in a city guides give all the greatest hotspots of a city, in an easy to read, and timed format. Museums, outside spaces, the best things to do and what to see are all included, as well as any day trips to book to really make the most of the area.


Itinerary for a Day Out in Portsmouth

How to Have the Best Day out in Bath

3. The Themed Listicle

Our themed listicles allow readers to search for their ideal day out in England by their interest. We want to show off at least 7 different spots where their interest has best satisfied. This can be anything from Harry Potter filming locations to the best stately homes in England.

The listicles are fun and lighthearted, and aim to show off the wealth of all the amazing days out you can enjoy in England.


9 Best Zoos in England for a Day Out

The 7 Most Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites in England

50 Famous Quotes About England

4. Niche travel experience

I’d love to feature more niche adventures. We’re facing a difficult time: so let’s celebrate the more low-key adventures. There’s so much to experience in England, and we don’t have to go crazy to enjoy it.


How to Do the Thorney Island Circular Walk

If you want to write for Days Out in England, please get in touch. We love to have contributions from our readers, whether that’s a whole article, or just a recommendation to be included.

Let’s get England travelling the homeland again!