10 Most Popular Garden Birds in England 

Did you know that there are over 250 different species of birds in England? Let’s take a look at which ones of these are garden birds in England, that you can see from just looking out of the window.

garden birds in england

Ever wondered what the most common garden birds in the UK are? These colourful, delicate little balls of feathers are found in gardens up and down the country. They’re all pretty easy to identify too. If you want to learn more about the birds in your backyard, keep reading!

10 Most Common Garden Birds in England 

Here are the most common British birds you’ll find in any garden.

1. Robins in England

England is a nation well-known for its rich array of diverse avian species. One of the most iconic of these birds is the Robin.

birds england

This small, plump bird can often be spotted in back gardens and woodlands throughout England, fluttering from tree to tree with its characteristic cheery whistle. Its striking flame-red breast sets it apart from other garden birds and makes it easily identifiable, even for novice birdwatchers. While its cheerful song is a sure sign of the arrival of spring and can be heard in any outdoor space throughout England at this time of year. No wonder many love spending time in nature, surrounded by these bold little characters.

What is the national bird of England?

The National Bird of England is the robin. This has only been since 2015 when BBC Springwatch presenter Mr Lindo began a campaign to fine Britain’s national bird like many other countries. The red-breasted bird received 34% of votes, followed by the barn owl, which received 12%, and the blackbird, 11%.

2. Blackbirds in England

The Blackbird is another common garden bird in England. These birds can be identified by their glossy black feathers, orange bills, and white spots on the wings. The males are particularly striking and have a brownish-yellow bib on the chest.

garden birds england
Blackbirds are one of the most common British garden birds

Blackbirds often appear very confident around humans and can sometimes be seen foraging for food in people’s gardens or parks. This species is an important part of Britain’s environment as it helps to keep gardens free from garden pests such as slugs and snails.

3. House Sparrows in England

The House Sparrow is one of the most widespread garden birds in England. These small birds are easily identifiable due to their grey crowns, plain brown backs, and white cheeks. They also have a distinctive black bib.

garden birds in england

House Sparrows can be found in almost any environment in England, from urban gardens to rural areas. These birds are highly sociable and often gather in large flocks foraging for food or nesting materials. They are also very vocal and chirping away throughout the day!

4. Jackdaws in England

The Jackdaw is another common garden bird in England. This species has glossy black feathers, a distinctive grey nape, and bright blue eyes. It has a loud, distinctive call that sounds more like ‘chack-chack’ than an actual song.

garden bird in england

Like many other garden birds, the Jackdaw enjoys scavenging for food – you may see it rummaging through garden compost or looking for insects in gardens. Jackdaws are also fearless around humans and can often be seen swooping down to take a closer look at passersby!

5. Wood Pigeons in England

The Wood Pigeon is undoubtedly the most common garden bird in England, with an estimated population of over 10 million. These large, bulky birds have grey-brown feathers, white patches on their wings, and a distinctive white bib on their chest.

pigeons in england

Wood Pigeons can be seen in almost any outdoor environment throughout England – they’re one of the most common British garden birds.

They love visiting parks, gardens, and fields to search for food. They feed mainly on grains and seeds but will also eat small insects if available. Wood Pigeons are extremely timid around humans, so admire them from a distance. Unless, of course, you have bird seed and you’re in a city centre. Then they’ll be all over you, literally.

6. Blue Tits in England

The Blue Tit is a small but bold garden bird in England. These bright, colourful birds have striking blue feathers, yellow undersides, blackheads, and white cheeks. They often flit from branch to branch, searching for food or nesting materials.

england blue tit

Blue Tits enjoy visiting gardens and parks for their meals; they feed mainly on insects, seeds, and nuts. These lively birds can be heard singing from the treetops throughout spring and summer – listen out for their cheerful chirps!

7. Great Tits in England

The Great Tit is a larger species of tit that is also quite common in England. It has glossy black feathers on its head and back, with a distinctive white bib on its chest.

garden birds england

Like other tit species, Great Tits enjoy visiting gardens and parks in search of food. These birds are fond of sunflower seeds, nuts, and insects. They can often be heard singing throughout spring and summer with their distinctive ‘teacher-teacher’ call!

8. Magpies in England

The Magpie is a distinctive garden bird found throughout England. This black and white species has glossy feathers, long tail feathers, and a bright yellow bill. They are infamous for scavenging from gardens (and sometimes even stealing items from unsuspecting people!).

england magpie

Despite this reputation, magpies help keep garden pests under control by eating slugs and snails. Listen out for their unique ‘chack-chack’ calls if you want to spot one in your garden!

If you’re looking at a black and white bird in the UK, it’s probably a magpie.

9. Chaffinchs in England

The chaffinch is one of England’s most common garden birds, found from the far north of Orkney to the tip of Cornwall. Its beautiful song and attractive array of colours make it a welcome sight in gardens and the countryside across the country. They eat a variety of fruits and insects, providing essential nutrition for much of England’s bird population. Not only do they look beautiful against a green background, but also an important part of keeping gardens pest free as they feast on caterpillars!

birds in england

They’re easy to recognise even by novice birdwatchers due to their distinct two-tone edging on the wings and eyes, they can weather any season with their hardiness and capacity to adapt to changing environments. With its hardiness, beauty, and prevalence in English life, it is no surprise that the Chaffinch has become so popular with nature enthusiasts worldwide.

10. Starlings in England

The Starling is a common garden bird in England that loves visiting gardens and parks to search for food or nesting materials. This species has glossy purple-blue feathers with black spots; they also have yellow bills and legs.

starling birds in england

Starlings feed mainly on insects but eat berries or small seeds if available. You can also see them gathering in large flocks to feed – look out for their distinctive babbling calls!

Birds in England

No matter which species of bird in England you spot in your garden, it’s important to remember that each one plays an important part in the local ecosystem. With a bit of luck and patience, you might even catch a glimpse of some rarer birds too!

garden birds in england

Always admire the birds from a distance and never disturb or feed them. With these 10 common garden birds in England, you will now be able to identify your feathered friends quickly and easily. Enjoy!


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