How to Use an eSIM for Travel to USA

An eSIM is a virtual SIM that is embedded into your phone. You don’t need to insert a physical card, and you can use more than one line at once. This type of SIM also allows you to switch carriers. In the US, most companies accept eSIMs as a replacement for SIM cards. You may need to visit a physical store in order to purchase one, but most major networks accept eSIMs. In the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile both support eSIMs. Other companies, such as Holafly, also offer eSIM plans.

eSIM for Travel to USA

A travel SIM card can give you a reliable internet connection wherever you are. Whether you’re trying to navigate public transportation, follow Google Maps on a road trip, or simply locate a restaurant, you’ll be glad you have a stable connection. But, it can be costly to pay for international roaming. Fortunately, Holafly eSIM cards offer the same convenience as regular SIM card but offer unlimited data plans and reliable connections from the leading US networks.

eSIMs are a great solution for travellers who need to make calls while abroad. They make the switching process easier and save money. Instead of having to wait in a long sim queue at the airport, travellers can easily set up their phones and start snapping or Instagramming right away. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, an eSIM can help you get connected quickly.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to learn what an eSIM is and how to use an eSIM for travel to the USA.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital version of a SIM card. It has many benefits, including eliminating roaming charges and quick operator switching. It also saves space in your phone, allowing room for additional battery life and more features. It can help manufacturers make smaller, lighter devices, reducing theft risk. What’s more, an eSIM eliminates the need for a SIM card tray, so your phone can be smaller and easier to use.


While eSIMs are still a new technology, they offer a new way to switch wireless carriers and SIM cards without switching mobile devices. Embedded SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular among mobile operators.

Another benefit of eSIM technology is that it doesn’t require a physical SIM card tray. Instead, eSIMs are embedded into the phone’s circuit board. This makes the device more secure and helps reduce waste and protect the environment.

While there are several challenges to the growth of the eSIM market, the technology is rapidly developing. It offers a wide range of data packages and greater flexibility for users to switch between operators. The technology can be used in different sectors of the business world, including customer service, connected cars, and M2M.

Why is eSIM in the USA the best option for internet access?

With the availability of eSIM USA from Holafly, you no longer have to pay high roaming charges when travelling abroad. Using your eSIM on your phone in the US will allow you to have a dual SIM card, which allows you to access both your home network and the internet. Activating an eSIM is simple and can be completed online within minutes. An eSIM in the US is a great option for travellers, as it allows you to use your home network for data roaming, which is costly in most countries.

The Holafly eSIM, for example, connects to the AT&T network, which provides excellent connectivity for travellers. This network is known for its high download speed and good connection status across the country. In addition, you can use this eSIM for international calls and SMS. The Holafly eSIM also has an unlimited data plan, which allows you to use your phone without worrying about the amount of data you’ll be able to consume.

eSIM has many benefits. It is compatible with most cellular networks and allows for greater flexibility and scalability. It’s also compatible with many types of phones and offers the benefit of being dual-SIM-compatible. You’ll need a compatible cell phone and an eSIM. You can check if yours is compatible here.

They are also easy to add to data plans and connect devices in just a few minutes. eSIMs are backed by the GSMA, the association of mobile operators, and have been standardised for worldwide use. 

How to configure your eSIM for data on your device in the USA?

If you’re in the USA and would like to use a data plan, you can get an eSIM. It allows you to change the operator by making a simple phone call. Additionally, eSIMs are extremely easy to install. Once you’ve installed it on your device, you can easily add data plans to it in minutes.

You can use the eSIM on your device to access data from your carrier. However, you must ensure that your eSIM is compatible with your carrier’s network in the USA. You can do this by following the instructions displayed on your device. 

Once you’ve purchased an eSIM, you’ll be sent an email with a QR code for activating your plan. Simply scan the QR code in the email and follow the instructions provided to activate your plan. The activation process should only take about five minutes. It’s important to remember to complete the activation only when you’re ready to use the plan. Follow the instructions carefully because once you start using your new plan, you can’t undo it.

If you’re using iPhone, you can follow the listed steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Convert to an eSIM. Your carrier may not support Convert to SMS if you don’t see it.
  3. Click on “Convert Cellular Plan”.
  4. Tap Convert to an eSIM.
  5. Wait for your eSIM activation.  
  6. Activate your roaming and enjoy the Holafly experience 

Which are the best providers for eSIM in the USA?

There are many eSIM providers in the USA, but there are some factors you should consider before signing up for a plan. First, you should ensure that the eSIM you buy has good coverage. If the coverage is limited, you may find yourself without internet when you need it the most. Second, make sure that the eSIM plan you select works with your device.

Third, think about your usage patterns. You should know how long you plan to stay in the country and how much data you’ll use. Choosing a plan that provides unlimited data is ideal. This way, you won’t be tied down to a limited data plan. Furthermore, eSIMs that allow you to use the internet and data abroad are compatible with most unlocked cell phones.

Finally, keep in mind that the cheapest eSIM plan is worthless if it’s slow. The United States is geographically spread out, and you’ll want to pick a plan that meets your needs for speed. If you’re planning to stream 4K Netflix or use Google Maps frequently, you should go for an LTE or 4G plan. Although eSIM providers don’t often disclose this information, it’s best to check the speed expectations beforehand.


When purchasing an eSIM in the USA, Holafly is the best company for you. This company is easy to use and provides 24-hour support for its customers. The company also offers unlimited mobile data. The best thing about this eSIM is that it’s compatible with US networks, which means you can use it anywhere you want.

Aside from being cheap, an eSIM can also provide you with access to a number of other services. Holafly is one of the top-rated eSIMs for use in the USA. It’s easy to set up, and the service team at Holafly offers 24/7 support.

The company’s eSIM service lets users keep their home SIM on their phones while traveling abroad. It works with most US Mobile plans, and the eSIM can be activated by scanning a QR code. Additionally, customers will never be required to buy a SIM card in their destination country. So if you’re travelling to the US, go for Holafly eSIM!

How to set up Holafly eSIM?

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have an internet connection.
  2. Add the data plan and scan the QR code.
  3. Start the download and give the data plan a name.
  4. Set up the eSIM for data, and that’s pretty much it!

Holafly eSIM benefits

If you’re interested in getting an eSIM, Holafly offers a variety of benefits. The company offers unlocked eSIMs, unlimited data plans, and 24-hour customer support. Holafly also connects customers to the leading mobile operators in the United States, including AT&T and T-Mobile. This means that customers can instantly get Internet access and call on a different network once they land at their destination.

Holafly’s eSIM service also allows users to switch networks while travelling easily. The company offers eSIMs for more than 120 countries, including the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Its online store has eSIMs in four languages. Each eSIM comes with 30GB of data and a reliable connection. In addition, Holafly eSIMs are environmentally friendly and can be activated instantly.

Holafly eSIM is available for purchase online. The process to purchase one is simple and hassle-free. The Holafly website provides a QR code that can be printed out. This code can then be added to your shopping cart and paid for through PayPal or a credit card. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive an eSIM in your email.

eSIM compatible devices

eSIM is a mobile phone technology that allows you to use a virtual SIM card to make calls. It’s available on a growing number of phones, including iPhones and Android phones. Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Oppo, Motorola, and Sony are some of the manufacturers of devices that use the new technology. You can determine whether a specific model of the phone supports eSIM by checking the device’s IMEI, which can be found in the phone’s settings.

Other options to have internet in the USA

There are several options available for people who want to have the internet on the go while they travel. Here are the two popular options:

Pocket WiFi

One option is to use a pocket Wi-Fi device. These devices let you connect to the internet from anywhere and can be purchased from cellular carriers and various retailers. While the plans can be expensive, pocket Wi-Fi devices are a great supplement to a cellular internet connection.

Pocket WiFi is a popular option to have internet in the USA. It’s a device that connects to the internet and can connect other devices to it. These devices are like a Wi-Fi connection in your pocket, but they’re not as bulky as a home internet connection. They’re especially helpful for people on the go who need to connect to the internet while abroad.


If you’re a traveller and want access to the internet in the USA, you have a couple of options. First, you can use your home carrier’s roaming service. This is a good option if you’re only travelling for a short amount of time and don’t require a lot of data. However, if you’re travelling for a long time, you may want to get an unlocked phone to avoid roaming fees. 

Summing up

So if you’re traveling to the US, go for Holafly eSIM! And if you want another benefit, you can get a 5 percent discount using my coupon code DAYOUTINENGLAND. 

When travelling abroad, it’s best to make sure your phone is compatible with an eSIM. This way, you won’t have to worry about having slow service or excessive charges. The good news is that many new devices support eSIMs. This technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected abroad. You can find out more about Holafly eSIMs here.


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