Studying in England: How American Students Get Admission to a British University

England has an old tradition of providing valuable university education. Its master’s degree programs are some of the most marketable courses in the world. Each year, about 500 thousand international students join different colleges in the UK. 

International students get to experience a new culture and live in one of the most vibrant student communities. To study in England, students from the US require a general student visa after successfully applying and getting an admission letter from a university in England. 

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What you need to know about studying in the UK as an American 

The cost of living in the UK is a little higher, but with the best budget, you will manage the cost of food, rent, transport, touring, books, and other important things. To access health care, US students studying in the UK are required to pay a surcharge to the NHS to get access to health services country-wide for free. Your options for accommodation are university student rooms, student accommodation in private properties, studio, or a regular flat. 

When applying for a visa, be sure to apply for Tier 4 visa that allows you to study and work. Politeness in the UK is essential. Learn to use the simple word sorry. To move around in the UK, you have a wide choice of transportation. You can use a train, bus, ferry, tram, bike, taxi, or choose to walk. 

The UK has one of the best education qualities in the world, but it’s also a country full of attractions. The country’s education system is different from the system in the US or other parts of the world. To be successful in the UK education system, you need assignment help from the writing service providers. One of the important services you can access from professional writers is the MLA citation generator to help you cite your work in the MLA style correctly. The best citation generator is the PDF MLA citation generator by EduBirdie professional writers. You can also get essay examples from this website to help you get ideas. 

How to get into a UK university as an American

When applying for an undergraduate course, the application is done through the UCAS online portal. Applications for most postgraduate courses are done directly to the university of your choice. The UK admissions requirement for each university is detailed on their respective websites. 

Applications for bachelor’s degree programs by US students require an International Baccalaureate, diploma, or A level certificate. An academic year in the UK starts in September, but application deadlines close in January in each preceding year.

Going to university in the UK is an exciting achievement for US students. However, there are crucial steps that you must follow to make your dream of studying in the UK come true. Your first step is to understand the UK admission requirements for both graduate and postgraduate courses. Once you start your first semester in a UK university, your next step is to begin searching for the best UK writing service UK Edubirdie for your assignment writing. You need help from the writers to make your student life easier and to pass with the highest grades. 


How to apply to a UK university from the US 

To avoid disappointment when going to university in the UK, start the application process early. Create a list of all that is required and tick against each if you already have them. 

· You need a valid USA citizen passport

· England has a general requirement for all international students to do a SELT before applying for a student visa. 

· Proof you are capable to pay for tuition and upkeep

· Have a certificate for TB test

· You will be asked to provide bank statements to prove you can meet living expenses of about £1,020 per month. In England, the cost will be about £820 per month. 

Select your university

Before you apply to join a university in England, decide the course you want to study. The university you choose must be offering your course. For bachelor’s courses, apply through the UCAS portal, but for postgraduate courses, apply directly to the university. Apply to at most five universities. 

Write a personal statement

This is a requirement for the USA and other international students. Write a maximum of 47 lines to sell yourself before the admissions panel. You will be required to pay an application of $18 for a single application or $33 for multiple applications. 

Other requirements

After receiving your admission letter, apply for your Tier 4 student visa. It will cost you $435. Be already for an interview, possibly via a video link. Plan your journey early. Plan your travel and book your flight. Plan for your accommodation and airport transfers. 


American students who want to study in England need to understand how to apply to UK universities and the requirements. The important steps are to decide the university you want to join. Apply at most five universities and wait for your offer from one or all the universities. Choose the best and accept your offer. Get ready with your visa and all other requirements. The academic year in England starts in September or October. Travel at least two weeks before the start of the semester to get yourself familiar with the environment. 


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