MOT Test: The Foundation of Road Safety Maintenance

Road safety is a high priority for many drivers and yet some car owners who are very careful behind the wheel fail to take adequate steps to prevent safety issues from occurring with their cars through a lack of basic maintenance.

If you want to make sure you are driving in a responsible way – not just for your own safety and that of your passengers but for other road users, too – then what are the steps you should be taking to ensure your car is in top condition? After all, these basic measures could be the difference between passing and failing your MOT, widely seen as the foundation of all road safety in the UK.

Tyre Checks

Any MOT will necessarily involve several checks on your wheels and tyres. Under-inflated tyres or tyres that have become bald even in very small sections will result in a failed test which you’ll only be able to retake once the issues have been rectified. Tyres are enormously important for safety, whether you commute between London and the South Coast every day on the M23 or just drive locally since they don’t just help you to stop when needed but improve handling, as well.

Visibility Inspections

Although some people forget about them, windscreen wipers must be in good enough condition to allow you to see clearly in all weather conditions. Given how much rain and poor visibility there can be in a coastal city like Brighton, this is especially important. Have your wipers serviced and make sure your mirrors are working before an MOT test. Another good tip is to check your windscreen for any scratches that might result in a failure. This can depend on their position as well as their size. Visit the KAP website to book your car MOT in Brighton.

Seatbelt Checks

A surprising number of cars fail their MOTs each year in Sussex and beyond because their seatbelts aren’t up to scratch. Twisted seatbelts that never lie flat are a big problem. If you notice that your seatbelt is fraying, then this can be a cause for concern, as well. Make sure you look at each seatbelt in turn to determine whether any need to be replaced before your MOT even if you don’t carry passengers very often.

Hazard Warning Confirmation

Finally, your hazard warning light must work to pass an MOT. This is a safety issue because if you ever break down, you will need them to function properly. Other lights, such as brake lamps and your reversing light are just as important for safety, too.


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