Various Types of Visas Available in New York 

As a tourist, you need to possess a visa before you go to New York. When applying for a visa, you need to ask yourself what visa do i need for new york since there are so many options for you to choose from, and you need to select a visa according to why you want to visit the US. In this article, we will name some of the visas the US offers tourists, and from this, you will have an overview of the visa to apply for. 

Some of the visas available in New York include the following;

1. Employment visa 

An employment visa is granted to someone going to the US to seek a job opportunity. Before being issued a work visa, you must apply for a job and get an offer from a particular firm. 

2. J1 Internship permits

As the name suggests, an internship permit is offered to students or people who want a certain form of training in their field of work or study. This permit allows you to stay in the US for six months to seven years.  

3. H-1B visas for speciality employees 

A speciality employees visa is issued to a person intending to accept employment in a skilful capacity and for a brief period. This visa also favours your kids as they are given a chance to apply for an H-4 visa. 

4. E visas for merchants and investors 

This visa is for those who own a business in America and want to expand to New York. Other than expanding their business, it’s issued to business owners who want to invest in a particular firm in New York. 

5. Family permits

A family visa allows you to be with your family in New York. Family members who are allowed to come are; unmarried kids, a spouse or kids under the age of 21. In case you want to have a reunion with your family, you should start the process as early as possible. 

6. Fiancee passports 

As the name suggests, a fiancee passport is a passport that gives your spouse a chance to come to the US with you. As a couple, you must wed within 90 days of coming into the country. 

7. Expatriate permits 

These permits are for residential and employment-based intents. In case you want to move to New York or you want to stay here for a long period, this is the permit you need to apply for. 

8. Non-expatriate permits 

This is the opposite of an expatriate permit. This permit is for people visiting New York for a short period, normally granted to students or business people. 

9. Enterprise and investor permits 

This is the best temporary visa that is offered to business people or investors who are coming to the US to engage with various subjects of a certain business. It’s the best permit for a person going to the US for consultation with a particular firm or brand. 


When you want to travel to New York, make sure you are conversant with all the permits offered so that you can know the right permit for you. 


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