Why the UK Makes the Perfect Wedding Venue Destination

Many couples feel like they need to plan a wedding at a faraway destination to make it an unforgettable experience, but this is not the case. The UK has a wealth of stunning landscapes, grand venues and beautifully remote locations that make the perfect destinations for a magical wedding. 

This article will highlight some of the top reasons why you should consider planning your wedding in England.

Historic Venues

England boasts a wealth of quintessentially charming and historic venues that would be perfectly suited to a fairytale wedding. All across the country, you will find grand manor houses and stately homes where couples can exchange vows amidst centuries of history and splendour. For couples looking for a more traditional ceremony in a church or chapel, you’ll find plenty of options in stunning old buildings steeped in history.

Stunning Landscapes

If you’re thinking about planning a wedding in a luscious outdoor setting, look no further than the UK. You’ll be spoilt for choice with beautiful woodlands, vast green open spaces and stunning gardens where you can tie the knot in front of your loved ones on a warm, sunny summer’s day and party long into the night. An outdoor wedding also gives you the perfect opportunity to take magical photos together in unique locations where you can show off your dazzling new wedding ring and your stunning wedding dress.

Cultural Diversity

Due to the UK’s vibrant cultural diversity, those looking for a more unique wedding experience will be spoilt for choice. If the traditional fairytale wedding is not really your idea of a dream wedding, you’ll find many unique, urban locations and properties such as lofts, townhouses and breweries where you can plan the wedding that is perfectly suited to you both as a couple. 

Similarly, you could opt for a more relaxed theme for your wedding if you were to plan it in a location that doesn’t really tie in with the traditional church or manor house aesthetic. 

Seasonal Charm

One of the greatest things about the UK is the changing of the seasons and the wealth of beauty they each bring. Depending on what sort of wedding aesthetic you are looking to achieve, the vibrant seasons we experience in this country can help you encapsulate it. 

Thinking of bright, blooming flowers matched with white and cream décor for a spring wedding, or if you prefer to get married later in the year, an autumnal wedding will allow you to celebrate golden hues and deep luscious reds and greens. 

Lots of couples plan summer weddings so they can enjoy the celebrations late into the night in outdoor settings with their loved ones, but whatever season you choose to plan your wedding, the UK promises to provide you with magical experiences and breathtaking locations.


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